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  1. TwentyFour

    TS3 Little-Helpers: Get Channel-ID 1.0.1

    📜 Swift help while creating scripts! Required SinusBot version: 1.0 👉 Your bot will respond to every move with a message containing the channel ID. ✅ If you like the script or it proved beneficial for you, I'd be glad about a rating. ❌ If you're having trouble or miss a feature...
  2. mattheoperelle

    EN Way to stop SFX sound ?

    Hello, I'm working on a phone soundboard application for sinusbot and I want to find a way to stop SFX sound, without stopping the main music. With Sinusbot REST API or Sinusbot Scripting API, it's not really important. Is this possible ? Kind regards, Matthéo PERELLE.
  3. luc4r4t0r

    EN BUG found / help needed - addClientToServerGroup

    Hello SinusBot users / developers, I need your help, because I made a small mistake in my self-coded script ir even found a Bug. First of all I will describe my script: It's made for Registering clients TSUUID & an associating them with Groups, which are stored in their User account on my...