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  1. Intxve

    TS3 Send Groups 1.0

    Sending !group to the bot will give you an overview of your groups sorted by i_group_sort_id. You need to enter a uid in Script Settings to use the command.
  2. Relentless

    TS3 Holiday Groups 1.1.2

    Credits: Author: Relentless SinusBot-Discord Requester: EinfachRobin
  3. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Timed Groups 0.1

    I won't push any updates, neither I will support this script anymore! Script may or may not work. ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @Ghett. Author: @DrWarpMan Timed Groups Automatically remove specified groups from clients, after specified amount of time Can be useful when...
  4. zmechu

    Send Message to specified groups 1.0

    Mine modification of script Verify, author Tunakill. Scripts doing the same thing, but completly opposite way :) Sends a message if a user IS IN a specific Server-Group: Just select Server Groups IDs (many as you want allowed) and compose message (BB code allowed - b, i, u, color, url) and...
  5. Jakub Vel

    User accounts based on servergroup not working

    Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 SinusBot Version: SinusBot Beta 0.9.21 TS3 Version: Bots: My: 3.1.6 Problem Description Already double checked and the problem doesnt happen when I bind the account to a single user Screenshots: Thanks for any help!