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sound on join

  1. Lukas Westholt

    TS3 Audio/TTS Notification on Join/Left 2.1

    Please update the Sinusbot to the latest version! The latest versions of the script (since V.2.0) supports only sinusbot 1.0.0 and newer Use V1.2.1 for earlier sinusbot versions Hello! Description: This is a useful script for small and medium Teamspeak servers. How many times have you...
  2. Dennis_Ancelotti

    DE Willkommens Sound / Welcome Sound

    Hallo, ich suche ein Script, welcher einen Sound abspielt wenn ein User den Server betritt. Habe dazu leider nur alte Scripts gefunden. - Gibt es sowas irgendwo? Hello, i search a Script that play a Sound if a user joins the Server. - Only found old Scripts :(