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  1. r3flex

    TS3 Welcome Sounds 1.1

    Welcome Sounds with Volume Changer: Simple script with ability to change the bot's volume and greet users with sound. Script will look for clients with x server group and greet then with unique sound or disable the option and greet everyone with the sound. Only one sound can be played for each user.
  2. I

    Decibel Volume Slider

    Hi, i love the bot and use it pretty often. But i find it pretty hard to control the volume, especially if you want to have the bot for background music. This is because the volume slider is percentage based. A more useful and natural way to control the volume is in decibel. To switch from...
  3. J

    CurrentVolume 1.0

    CurrentVolume Simple plugin to get the current volume setting. Usage: - Type "!volume" in chat
  4. Tuetchen

    Volume Keeper 2.0

    Volume Keeper This script was originally written by kapabac - i fixed it for the current scripting engine. This is just a small script that binds the Volume of the Bot to a predetermined volume range by checking it in a configurable interval. Installation Move the script file to the script...
  5. RiotMode

    Vorschlag: Lautstärke-Level halten

    Hallo, ich weiß nicht ob ich ein Script übersehen habe, aber bisher is mir nichts aufgefallen was in etwa hin kommt.... Wäre es möglich Youtube Songs und die mp3 in der Library so abzuspielen, das alle die gleiche Lautstärke haben ? Einige sind ja leiser, andere lauter, da muss man immer per...
  6. kapabac

    Volume keeper 2.0

    Hi all :)! Small script, that automatically keeps the volume of the bot in limits, that you specified. Use of health! :cool:
  7. omano

    EN Controling volume with ephemeral

    Hi all! I'm using the latest Sinusbot beta build. I have a problem with a script. I would like to know if it is possible to control the volume at which a track plays with the ephemeral parameter on true? I mean when I play a track with my script...
  8. Lukáš Witpeerd

    Feature Phone version Volume

    Hello, Im using the Bot page very often through my phone browser, but I can not adjust the volume. Can you please add it to the mobile version ? Thanks