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  1. Pringus

    TS3 Custom Join Sounds 1.0

    Play a custom sound for each defined user or group. Supports UID, nickname, and servergroups. Currently, the bot will not resume playback if a track was playing before a user joined. I plan to add this later. It's recommended to use locally stored tracks. Although YouTubeDL is supported, it is...
  2. Lukas Westholt

    TS3 Audio/TTS Notification on Join/Left 2.1

    Please update the Sinusbot to the latest version! The latest versions of the script (since V.2.0) supports only sinusbot 1.0.0 and newer Use V1.2.1 for earlier sinusbot versions Hello! Description: This is a useful script for small and medium Teamspeak servers. How many times have you...
  3. r3flex

    TS3 Poke/Chat on Join 1.1

    Group Poker/Msger: Script will check the client server group and upon that will poke/msg them with specified text message. - Ability to disable the server group option, so all of the clients will get poked. - Choose message type: Poke/Chat
  4. fyfywka

    Voice Welcome 1.0

    Modified version of standard welcome.js, added option to greet voice
  5. C

    EN [REQUEST] Move after specified time since joining channel

    Hi, could anyone program a script which moves users from the welcome channel (or a channel which can be specified) to another channel after a configured time? Nice to configure would be: Time until move The channels from where to move The destination channel Maybe selectable options like when...
  6. TS3index.com

    WelcomeSound 2.1

    EN: This script will let the bot greet everyone with a track and resume the last track or stream. The script require not the track uuid. You can search and select the track. This script requires Sinusbot v0.9.15 or later! DE: Mit diesem Script können Sie ein Track als Begrüßung abspielen, wenn...