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TS3Soundboard - please update - @flyth

I hate to bother you again with this @flyth but TS3 updated again and your awesome TS3Soundboard partially stopped working. I thought maybe a reinstall would help so I uninstalled it to reinstall. That was a bad choice because now it won't even install. I am using TS3 v3.5.3 Qt version 5.12.3.

I also wanted you to know I recently donated to you for all your hard work on the soundboard. I am only telling you this in case you didn't get it or something. If you never update TS3Soundboard again that is ok although I pray that you do. I have used it and enjoyed it for years so you deserved my donation and much more! You know how I feel about your plugin, it's the very best plugin TS3 has ever had!

Thank you

Hugh Jass Koda


is reticulating splines
Staff member
I will take a look and update accordingly once I find a little more time - I just hope they didn’t change too much...

Ah and yeah, I have received your donation, thank you very much!


Looks like the soundboard is dead :(
There has been no messages from the developer since may 2020... I hope I am wrong...