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Dear xDefcon,

first of all amazing work! But I have a question regarding your AntiProxy Script/API.

Since I moved my TeamSpeak Server from a hosting solution to host it myself over my VPS
I constantly only get the “you have exceeded the maximum hourly rate of requests to the API”

Even if no one with a group to check connects, the first clients who should be checked generates
this error.

I think it has something to do with some TeamSpeak Viewer, which connects query clients with the
Guest group which should be checked. But since it worked before under the same circumstances
I do not know what the problem is.

Also the Script only appears when loaded and when the error occur in my Sinusbot logs.

2021-09-14T18:16:08+02:00 script AntiProxy loaded

AntiProxy by xDefcon
Running time: 1352.708secs
Proxies detected: 0
Last detection: Never
Checked IPs: 3
IP cached locally: 0
API requests: 1

Maybe you have access to more details/logs than me so that you could tell me what is going on.

I really like this script but right now it is rendered useless beside notifying me.

Kind Regards,

Gianluca Leuthen
E-Mail: [email protected]
Hello. could you write an authorization wg openid instruction.
What to write in this area ...
Automatic Activation via OpenId
Command for automatic activation (without exclamation mark)
There you enter the command with which the automatic text for registration is called up.
For example: activation
User Input in Teamspeak should be: !activation
Guten Morgen,

Ich wollte dich nur kurz informieren, dass Privatnachrichten auch direkt reportet werden können.
Bitte mach dies in Zukunft anstatt ein Post zu schreiben.

Alternativ kannst du auch einen Moderator über Discord anschreiben.
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