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  • A first preview of the unlimited version of SinusBot can be found in the Upcoming Changes thread. A version for Windows will follow, but we don't have a release date, yet.
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  • i have a problem
    2020-09-27T01:36:35+02:00 error on callback func: Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getClientCount' of undefined at Auto_Channel_Creator:307:23 var CHclients = CH.getClientCount(); ^ Stack trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getClientCount' of undefined at Auto_Channel_Creator:307:24 at Array.forEach
    hi I have a question I'm looking for the script that can work for sinus bot windows auto dynamic banner generator unfortunately on linux not experience or since you have made this bot for playing music is it possible to make something similar for auto banner generator?
    ich habe gesehen das du seit einer weile nicht Aktiv warst und würde gerne ein paar plugins von dir weiterentwickeln. Dies betrifft aktuell:
    • Twitch-Status
    • Auto Channel Creator
    • Twitter
    Gibst du mir dafür das ok?
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    Da wirst du keine Antwort mehr bekommen. Er war schon seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr on.
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