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Digital Clock

Digital Clock 1.9

No permission to download

Sorry for not being alive here. I don't have much free time for many things out there.
@Lukas Westholt updated some code in this script some time ago (thanks!).
Updated code works fine so I'm just pushing it as an update for you all.

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  • Updated the script to support new API
  • Added Summer Time mode (you still have to switch it manually tho)
  • Rewrited code a bit
As You know, some of You have problem with the clock that it's not updating.
That's because I forgot to replace deprecated function "on timer".

Now it should work for everyone!

PS: I added a line to control interval time.
Today I added more spacing style!

3 from @pix0wl (thanks!)
5 from me :D

If you cant download that file, please right click on it and save file as. :)
I updated the script so it should work now only on latest beta version of SinusBOT!

I added 5 - line for date like MM.DD.YYYY:

Example of usage:

I reuploaded script beacuse some of You have problem with him.
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Added option to set 2-digits (00:00) or 1-digit hour (0:00).
Added new spacing ("=") created by @kapabac.
Updated the author of second font style (sorry, my fault).
I changed style 2 to normal spacing, because I created a new option - custom spacing. Now there are only 2 styles of spacing but You can send me new characters.

And thanks to @kapabac for new 13 styles of digital clock.
You can now select 24 or 12 hours time and select custom styles.

PM me with new styles.
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+ Added the timezone option.