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Lauftext / Ticker + API/Newsticker Support

TS3 Lauftext / Ticker + API/Newsticker Support 3.0-1a

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This release now supports the new sinusbot scripting engine.
The script (v3.0-1a) got reworked by Lukas Westholt.

Thanks for the support!
  • Removed NewsAPI, now you can use your own website to display the text
  • changed command to start stop from ".lt_start/stop" to ".tickeron" and ".tickeroff"
  • switched some settings to make sure you can use everything
  • added/fixed a command to exit the AwayMode after you've typed .tickeroff.
  • changed the script resource description at sinusbot forum
Feel free to contact me if there's anything missing.
Thank you for using my script.
Jep there we go!
Now with 100% less ServerSpam if you choose the "Bot" function.
This will use the Away message to run the ticker.

Hope you enjoy :)!
Hey guys!
Finally i've made some changes with the help of @irgendwer and @maxibanki thank you :)!

Now you are able to set the option "Ompan-NewsAPI". This will use some world-news as text for the newsticker. Currently it is german only - i'll change this in the next few days.

Upcoming changes:

*Use your own API (upload own text to your website and use the text)
*Select the message which should appear if the ticker is stopped.
*Reduce Serverspam with an option, hope flyth will implement my suggestion :)!

Hope you guys enjoy my script.

Keep in mind the new function is highly experimental so don't blame me if something isnt working :D!

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Now you can use
".lt_start" and ".lt_stop" to start and stop / start the bot :)
Have fun!
Now you can type in more than 30 Characters.
Also the time between every letter is now in "ms" so you can make a ticker with 1-10 chars in a second (!) goodby serverlog :D!

But hope you enjoy!
Btw a big thank you to "irgendwer" for help me improving this script!
You'll now be able to set the time until the next letter will appear.
Also it's much faster cause of less code.

Have fun and thanks for using this script!