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  1. HarpyWar

    TS3 Channel Cleaner 0.12

    Remastered Unused Channel - Deleter script. The same functionality and set of options but written from scratch with different logic. Without strange bugs and script stop errors. Differences - Count inactivity channels every minute and only when bot is online. If it was offline for a long time...
  2. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Fortnite Rotation [fortniteapi.io] 0.4.6

    ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @DasNerdwork Author: @DrWarpMan All rights go to Epic Games! Fortnite Rotation (fortniteapi.io) Shows Fortnite daily & featured & upcoming items specified channels' description API: https://fortniteapi.io (Get API key here) Author: Quentin...
  3. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Time in channels' name 0.3.2

    ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @Spieler5 Author: @DrWarpMan Time in channels' name Shows current time in the specified channels' name Configuration - You can change these settings: Channel List | You can have as many channels with current time as you want Channel Date...
  4. Everlike

    TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter 0.2.2

    This script deletes channels that are unused for a specific amount of time. Want to get rid of losing semi-temporary-channels that are gone after a simple restart or "dead" channels that nobody uses anymore? Check this out! Perfect in combination with @Tuetchen ´s private channal manager. You...
  5. Tuetchen

    Alternating Channel Descriptions 1.0

    Alternating Channel Descriptions This small Script let you alternate the Channel Descriptions between a predefined Set of Channel Descriptions for a Channel. You can define multiple Channels. The refresh Time for each Channel is configurable separately. Installation Move the script file to...
  6. Tuetchen

    Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.3

    Automatic ChannelGroup Assigner A small and simple script that sets the channel group to every user joining a specific channel. You can configure multiple channels to check. If needed you can exclude users that have a specific server group to ever get assigned another channel group. Right now...
  7. B

    GroupCounter - ChannelNameManager 3.0

    With this script you can display, how many users of a certain group a currently online (liveupdates). I'm using this to show, how many Supporters are currently online. You can set up one group for every channel (let me know if someone needs this to be extended). Example: Leave a review if...
  8. D

    won't fix It doesn't show any voice channel (Discord)

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.x Problem Description I let the bot connect to my Discord server but it doesn't show any channels so i cant let it join. it has admin permission so it should be able to see all channels.
  9. Tunakill

    TS3 Discord viewer 0.2.3

    With this script you can show how many user are currently on your discord server and all channel including their user. Setup: Enable widget and paste your server id to your script setting.
  10. VerHext

    SpecialLobby 0.1

    Features: [English] Create a default channel for specific server groups. They are moved upon entering the server in the right channel. [Deutsch] Erstelle einen Standard Channel für bestimmte Server Gruppen. Diese werden beim betreten des Servers in den passenden Channel verschoben. Update...
  11. Diesmon

    TS3 Server Rules 1.2

    This script will message everyone who connects to your server with the rules you added/made. You can choose between a Channelmode (only message user when they join a specific channel) or Servermode. So it will message everyone regardless in which channel they connect. You can also activate the...
  12. GaMER

    EN Script for creating sub-channels

    Hello all, I've been looking for a script that can create sub-channels based on main channels (which I use just as placeholder - see pic). The thing I want is that the VIP en PUBLIC channels will be added when 1 user is occupying it. I've tried playing whith Auto Channel Creator by Filtik...
  13. Patrick15a

    Bug Bugs mit einigen Channel Funktionen

    Betriebsystem: Linux und Windows SinusBot Version: 0.9.18-8499d2c TS3 Version: Problembeschreibung: Wenn man folgende funktionen an einem channel von "ev.client.getChannels()[0]" ausübt kommt immer die fehlermeldung: Error in script: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer...
  14. A

    Feature Channel permissions

    This is a simple (or maybe not :)) feature request for the sinusbot api (scripting). With the given functions: channelCreate(params channelParams) bool channelUpdate(channelId int, params channelParams) bool you cannot set any of those rights: i_client_needed_talk_power...
  15. xDefcon

    Animated Channel & Description 2.0beta

    SinusBot 0.9.16 or higher needed! Description: Animated Channel is a very cool script that allows you to have an animated channel (channel name or channel description) in your TeamSpeak 3 server, it will be soon updated with new features. PLEASE: To prevent issues with very, very old...
  16. Thunderkill

    Keep Out! 1.1

    EDIT: Allowing certain groups does currently NOT work on windows, you need to wait for a sinusbot update to fix this issue. Simple script to protect channels from pesky outsiders, you can protect multiple channels and allow only certain groups or people. Usage: - Press 'Add' - Select what...
  17. riftsaw

    Feature Whisper to channel

    Is it possible to implement a feature that lets the bots stream to a specific channel? I don't like the bots being in the channels they should play in.
  18. davevdave

    Channel Schliessen lassen per Bot

    Hey Leute, Frage mich ob das Geht das, dass der Bot Channel schließen kann. Heist wenn in einem Channel 2 Leute drin sind die wollen jetzt nicht mehr gestört werden das sie einfach, zum Beispiel eine Grafik anklicken in der Channel Beschreibung und dann den Channel Geschlossen wird.(Das vll...
  19. Slluxx

    Make bot "chat" in different channel or disable sound notification

    WINDOWS Hi, first of all: you did a nice job with sinusbot. Its really cool, easy to use and just works like charm! Now to my "problem": We dont have a "music" channel. Were switching Alfred (thats how we called him) around the channel if we need him. I am using the function to tell the...
  20. FrxX100

    EN Rank channel and Channel description

    Hello. I create a plugin for automatic channels, but I have a problem. Everything works fine but I have no idea how to do that by creating a channel automatically create a description for the channel, and gave the status of "Channel Admin". I tried the code from other plugins and does not work...