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TS3 Montys Move Request 1.0.0

No permission to download
Its nice, but

I downloaded the script and now on the desktop, but I can not drag this into the SinusBot Script Ornder, there will be a message. Can you help me with that?
wich message?
Nice script :D Its working really good.
But some feature ideas to make this script perfect:
- Spam Protection
- Check if a user request is running (if yes dont allow another request)
- Reaction delay (if asked user isnt answering the bot after X seconds then refuse the request)
- Better settings description ;)

Really nice job and i hope we get more useful features :D
thx for your nice review, this weekend i have some time to look into it :)
this is a very awesome idea. i search a long time ago for this but now i have it. For users that have a minecraft server: its like "/tpa"! Thumbs up!!
checkout the new updated when it get approval :D