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  • Happy New Year everyone! A new version (1.0.0-beta.16) is out for Linux, fixing an issue that could lock the bot up when using it with TS3. Please visit the resources section or the main page (https://www.sinusbot.com) for the new package.
Server Management für World of Tanks Clans

TS3 Server Management für World of Tanks Clans 0.4

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New in Version 0.4:
  • Implemented AFK Mover
  • Automated Server Groups - Added Sorting by Player WGR
  • AFK Channels for Server
  • Some Bug Fixes

I am currently working on a list of clan members who are online. These should be listed in a channel description. Unfortunately, the development of this feature continues, which is why I am releasing this version now and this function will appear in the next update.
Please Update the script!
New in Version 0.3:
  • Added online player count for WoT-Servers
  • Eddited Skip Function for Idle Tracks (Can be directly choosen now in script configuration)
  • Check for mandatory fields (outputs a message in the instance log as long as mandatory fields are not filled out)
  • Some Bug Fixes