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TS3 Ranking

TS3 TS3 Ranking 2.01

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This is good, can you make so people one can have one of them? So they dont get spammed with ranks
Well its working but it still need some tweaks like:
- Anti AFK not working
- You need to add some demote system because this script will reset all groups depend on online time no matter what group you change to them
2018-06-20T15:46:50+09:00 Error in script (event: setInterval callback): ReferenceError: 'channelUpdate' is not defined at channelTOP (TS3RankingENG.js:294:1) what?
Very good job congratulations, could you make an order that would allow us to see the time we have accumulated on our server TeamSpeak?
There is top channel option, just specify the top channel ID and then specify how many records to display.
Doesnt work? 2018-04-12T15:08:48+02:00 Script TS3RankingENG returned an error (main function): TypeError: Cannot access member 'length' of undefined at main (TS3RankingENG.js:88:27) at ScriptRunner (<anonymous>:42:5) at <unknown>
Works perfectly on my server, great script =)