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  • Happy New Year everyone! A new version (1.0.0-beta.16) is out for Linux, fixing an issue that could lock the bot up when using it with TS3. Please visit the resources section or the main page (https://www.sinusbot.com) for the new package.


  1. Nisutec

    MongoDB Database Engine support

    Current status: Currently the Database Scripting Engine supports “MySQL” and “PostgreSQL” these two types of databases are based on a relational model of data and with a specific SQL dialect for queries. These databases are perfect for fixed data structures. They represent the most prominent...
  2. Sheerpython

    Wierd Result From Query

    Hello tried creating a small script for my bot to check how long people are alone in a channel in my ts3 server. The query below is what I am trying to run and this part works. if (dbc) dbc.query("SELECT * FROM alone_time WHERE tsid = '" + client.uid() + "';" , function(error, result) {...
  3. M

    Database exec multi parameters block callback

    Hi, Since the 1.0 beta3, the DBConn exec seem not to take the callback as a callback anymore. In fact, it is considered as a parameter and therefor crash the script. dbConn.exec(table, function() { sconomyLog(INFO, "Main table exists or created"); }); I get the following...
  4. M

    Solved Database errors since 1.0-b1

    Hi, Got a problem with the database with the 1.0b1. I get the Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'connect' that says that the db = require('db') went wrong. -> The confg should allow the usage of the db, tho. [Scripts.Privileges] sconomy-ng-db = ["db"] Could you...
  5. vERKE

    Solved Cache folder is huge

    Hi! I was browsing through my sinusbot files, and I came by this folder: /opt/sinusbot/data/ts3/5656a61f-b593-404f-b863-5f83e1def272/0230cec5-44fe-449e-83a4-dba734892870/cache/remote There is 8GB data in that folder. Can I delete it? It is taking up a lot of space, and I only have 20GB for my...
  6. Nisutec

    TS3 RankSync 0.5

    Was macht dieses Skript ? Das Skript ermöglicht eine Synchronisation zwischen einer Datenbank und denn Teamspeak Rängen. Dies kann dann nützlich sein wenn man auch noch andere Dienste nutzt und eine zentrale Benutzerverwaltung besitzt, in diesem Fall eine Datenbank wo Teamspeak UUIDs und Ränge...
  7. Arpanus

    Nur Discord-Instanz möglich, erweiterte Lösung

    Guten Abend, zu erstmal bedanke ich mich herzlich für dieses Projekt da es bis anhin ohne Probleme funktioniert. So eben wollte ich einen neue Instanz erstellen für meinen TS3 Server. Wie bereits beschrieben werde ich nur nach dem Token gefragt und habe keinen Reiter um eine TS-Instanz zu...
  8. M

    SConomy NG Database Plugin 1.1.2

    SConomy NG Database Plugin adds the database storage to SConomy NG (MariaDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL) [v1.1]. Setup [not needed if sinusbot >= 1.0]: In the config.ini files (next to the script folder), add the 2 following lines (allow the database connection): [Scripts.Privileges]...
  9. NeilofSteel

    EN Sinusbot Database not working

    Hi my log says: TypeError: Cannot access member 'connect' of null at main (Realtalk_Database.js:41:12) at ScriptRunner (<anonymous>:42:5) at <unknown> and in the instance-log: Script Realtalk_Database returned an error (main function): TypeError: Cannot access member 'connect' of...
  10. r3flex

    TS3 TS3 Ranking 2.01

    TS3 Ranking Script: Easy to configure and all you have to do is drag and drop into your sinusbot scripts folder. Script will count time of each and every user, add this time into sinusbot local database, then outputs the records into predefined channel ID, description. Clients will be added with...
  11. EchtkPvL

    [Feature Request] Database cleanup

    Hi, I just realised, that the SinusBot doesn't clean up old entries (from deleted scripts) from the database. My Feature Request is something like a button, which can only be used by the user "Admin", which will manually (NOT automatically) clean the database. Best regards Jonas
  12. A

    EN Database via sinusbot code

    Hey guys, i've got a little problem. <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen) VALUES ('qwe', 'zcx', 2)");</code> it works but i want to have a variables instead of 'qwe' 'zcx' and 2. ive tried this <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen)...
  13. Hansel

    Solved Reqeust: Run a database script (server chat)

    I would like a script that sends every 10 min(variable) the server chat to my database.I know there is like a code for that but i don't know how to begin with getting the server chat.