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Tunakills Rankingsystem

Tunakills Rankingsystem 0.13.11

No permission to download
+ User timechange api fixed
Likes: ajjvanvliet
This update is required for the newest version of the Admin Webinterface.
+ API update to new engine
Fixed: Use "%name" for "!onlinetime"
update for Webiterface
  • get script info
  • get user time
  • change user time

User now can use "!ontime" AND "!onlinetime" to check there onlinetime
Addet !onlinetime requested by @ReMain LibertY and @Fendo
Addet whitelist, requestedby @ReMain LibertY
Addet remove servergroubs after reconnect if ranking is disabeld
-only tracking mode
-don´t track idle
Addet message after rankup.