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alone mode

  1. kapabac

    SaveCPU (Alone mode) 1.3

    All peace and good! :) This script is improved analog of script "AloneMode", which will save CPU and bandwidth by stopping or muting the bot, when no one is on the bot's channel, and start playback again, if somebody enter to the bot's channel. In the "stop playback" mode there is a function...
  2. mtrex

    Bug Scripts: wrong data in 'clientMove'-event when clients leave

    I noticed, that the information of the 'clientMove'-event is wrong/random if a user leaves the server / the new channel is '0'. The following code inside of a plugin... sinusbot.on('clientMove', function(ev) { if(ev.oldChannel > 0 && ev.newChannel > 0) { sinusbot.log('User "' +...