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SaveCPU (Alone mode)

SaveCPU (Alone mode) 1.3

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All peace and good! :)
This script is improved analog of script "AloneMode", which will save CPU and bandwidth by stopping or muting the bot, when no one is on the bot's channel, and start playback again, if somebody enter to the bot's channel. In the "stop playback" mode there is a function resume playback track from playlist, if played track from playlist when bot it was stopped. Also added every minute check for most stability.
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Latest updates

  1. Now you can disable the resume playback and small fix...

    Hi all, again :)! Now you can disable the resume playback, if you want, also fixed a bug when...
  2. Added two new features...

    Hi all :)! This update adds two new features: The volume value that will be set each time...
  3. Extended features of the "stop playback" mode...

    Hi all :)! Extended features of the "stop playback" mode...: Added mandatory setting - the...

Latest reviews

Not working in discord , when is alone is stop perfect, but when someone join is start and is like is play but not pressing the talking the bot so is remain inactive
Great script!
Very great update! - All new functions working great! - I love this script :3
Thanks dude! :)
It happens the same for me, when leaving the channel the bot is not stopping to play the songs of my playlist.
Please note that I only use imported YouTube playlists.
Good Update, but i have a problem. The previous version had stopped when leaving the channel the music. Unfortunately, since the new update, the music not stops when no user is in the channel.
Hi, thanks!) Unfortunately, I do not know why your bot does not stop, my bot always stops playing when there is one left on the channel, both in the old version and in the new version of the script ...