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  1. scheissegalo

    Donation in Bitcoins

    Hi there, i hope i'm in the right forum..... is there a way to donate in bitcoins or alt-cryptos? I don't have PayPal or Bank Account.
  2. G

    Solved Bitcoin mining through Sinusbot

    I just noticed that the account sinusbot is mining bitcoins on my server. Do you have any explanation. Here is the URL of the pool: http://zpool.ca/?address=1LUCM2EmaqHSja1i9Y8ddbAKcXeVcTnDXF I'll attach an image of the htop result on my server (blacked out IP and password override). What...
  3. inside24

    CryptoCurrency Info 2.0

    ------ English ------ With this script, you or your Teamspeak friends can get with only 1 command the Euro Price of every Cryptocurrency commands: ! cc || ! cryptocurrency == Displays all commands of the script. ! cc [Cryptocurrency] == Display current Euro price of the currency. settings: -...