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  1. EstoyFlipando

    Config settings help

    I have a question, I would like to know what exactly the following 2 configuration options do: EnableMulticastMetadata and EnableLocalFS Thanks
  2. O

    Wie ändere ich die Sinusbot config? (Vserver)

    Habe sinusbot über den installer installiert. Server läuft über Ubuntu 16 64Bit.
  3. martindines

    EN config.ini - AllowReload, WatchScripts help

    Hi there, I have not been able to enable the AllowReload configuration option (as specified in https://wiki.sinusbot.com/en:guides:other:configuration#scripts), either with, or without, WatchScripts specified. My configuration is as follows: [Scripts] AllowReload = true WatchScripts =...
  4. D4rkD0me

    Feature Editable Config in Web Interface

    Betriebssystem: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.18-8499d2c Hello, Is there a way to change the config.ini in the Webinterface-Settings? Dario
  5. kil okjil


    Please,can someone tell me where it says what is each option the config.ini? A music bot configuration. TS3Path = "/opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/ts3client_linux_amd64" ListenHost = "" DataDir = "/opt/sinusbot/data/" ListenPort = 8087 LocalPlayback = false EnableLocalFS = false...