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  1. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord MultiConomy Commands 0.1.0

    Provides basic user and admin commands for MultiConomy User Commands: !wallet shows the amount of money you have !wallet history shows the history of your funds !wallet pay <user> <amount> sends money to another user Admin Commands: !balance set <user> <amount> sets the amount of money a...
  2. Multivitamin

    TS3 Vote teamspeak-servers.org 0.1.0

    This Script allows you to give a set amount of Money to users which vote on https://teamspeak-servers.org/ via MultiConomy Requirements: Register your TeamSpeak Server on https://teamspeak-servers.org/ Go to https://teamspeak-servers.org/servers/manage/ click on the first icon which says "Edit...
  3. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord MultiConomyMySQL 0.1.0

    Provides a MySQL Store backend for MultiConomy. It also provides support access for Multiple Sinusbots to a single database To use this store set MultiConomyMySQL in the field "Want to use a third party Store? Enter the filename of the Script here " IMPORTANT If you run multiple Sinusbots...
  4. Multivitamin

    MultiConomy 0.3.1

    NOTICE: THIS IS CURRENTLY A DEVELOPMENT BUILD AND NOT MEANT TO BE AN OFFICIAL RELEASE If you have ideas or suggestions to improve MultiConomy I would be glad to hear about that :). There will be still some changes though, this library is meant only as Interface and will not bring any commands...
  5. M

    TS3 SConomy NG - Simple Currency System 1.8.2

    A very simple currency system based on the time spent on the server (v1.8.x). [1.0 alpha] Sinusbot seems to crash on the 1.0 alpha version, be sure to have at least the beta1 if you have any problems. Features (with a lot of options): - Set an amount of money to deliver to connected client...