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TS3 SConomy NG - Simple Currency System 1.3.1

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A very simple currency system based on the time spent on the server.

Features (1.4):
- Set an amount of money to deliver to connected client every X seconds / minutes
- Ignore channels (such as AFK)
- Commands
- Customizable commands
- Customizable messages (in the preferences)
- Admin groups can manage wallets (for gifts or sanctions)
- Per group advantages (more money every tick and / or smaller tick as usual) => which are cumulative (with a lower limit of -90% of the original tick duration)
- Set servergroup for sales with your own price
- Limit the servergroup number that a user can have (global or servergroups for sale)

Default command list (in private message / channel / server):
* !schelp
=> Display the help​
* !money
=> Display own money​
* !store
=> Display the servergroups available for sale​
* !buy <servergroup ID displayed in !store>
=> Buy a servergroup (if available in store and enough money)​
* !sell <servergroup ID displayed in !store>
=> Sell a servergroup (that is in the !store - can be disabled)​
* !give <client URL, UID or nicknames>
=> Give money to another user (with fees / to connected only - configurable in settings)​
* !see <client URL, UID or nicknames>
=> Admin ONLY: view user wallet​
* !set <client URL, UID or nicknames> <new amount>
=> Admin ONLY: set user wallet amount​
* !addmoney <client URL, UID or nicknames> <amount>
=> Admin ONLY: add the amount to the user wallet​
* !removemoney <client URL, UID or nicknames> <amount>
=> Admin ONLY: remove the amount from the user wallet​
* !setallmoney <new amount>
=> Admin ONLY: set all users wallet amount at the same time​

Needed permissions:

Warning : this uses the store API and money is therefor shared between instances.

Inspired by the outdted sconomy: https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/sconomy-simple-currency-system.138/
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Little cosmetic fix

    Fix: The generated amount (of coins) per tick can be wrong in the user command output.
  2. The law says that we can have refund, so let it be

    What's new in the 1.3 release? - A user can sell groups (if an explicit sold price for that...
  3. Command added

    Added !setallmoney command to set all users wallets

Latest reviews

Can you add an duration for sold groups. E.g If someone bought a gruop bot automaticly remover it after 1 month
I'll see if I can do it (and update that comment once I know if it'll be implemented or not)
can i set the money of all players back to 0
An update has been posted with the feature
Where do you save the money amount of any player?
In the sinusbot default storage (https://sinusbot.github.io/scripting-docs/#store) using the following key : <user UID>sconomy