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extended license

  1. L

    More than 6 Bots

    Hello, I bought the Sinusbot license at the beginning of the year and can create 6 bots, that's clear to me, but I would like to create more bots, is there a way to do that? Maybe another license or something? Thanks in advance :)
  2. celso mendes

    Solved Extended License Doubt

    Has the extended license distribution been canceled or something? I am some time looking at the link where it makes the license application only that the messes are on the same page as the licenses that are distributed all the messes have already been given, I use another forum and 2 members...
  3. BadassOverlord

    EN [Feature] Subscriber mode scripting API

    Hi there. So I'm one of the people with an extended license. Anyway, I was looking for a way to get the number of subscribers to a particular instance. I was also looking for a way to PM all subscribers of the bot. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. Raphraph

    Next winners! :D (Week #3)

    Hey members, We are sorry to be a little bit late... :( But we all have much to do, so please excuse us! There are some "new" rules now :) 2 winners will be picked by the team and 1 will be selected randomly!! :D Good luck for the next ones! This week we had 8 participations!! :) And the 3...
  5. Raphraph

    He won... (Week #2)

    Hey guys and girls, sine the "users like or dislike posts" method isn't working at all, the team decided to take one random winner for this week. This week we had just 3 participations: Dutch Dota CheetaH-NetworK G-Zone !! All participations which have been accepted on Friday, Saturday and...
  6. flyth

    And the Winner is... (Week #1)

    Hey all, since the "users like or dislike posts" method obviously didn't work for the contest, the mods and I decided on this weeks winner by looking at the websites & stats of the participating guilds / clans. So without further ado, we'd like to present the not one, but three winners of this...