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  1. GalaxyCloud

    Licence pending longer than 7 days?

    What can i do, if the licence is pending for 7days+ ? Do i have to wait cause of many people aquiring new licence? Thanks for reading c:
  2. L

    More than 6 Bots

    Hello, I bought the Sinusbot license at the beginning of the year and can create 6 bots, that's clear to me, but I would like to create more bots, is there a way to do that? Maybe another license or something? Thanks in advance :)
  3. M

    Solved Discord and bot licences

    Hello, I saw that the licences for Sinusbots can't be used for Discord Bots. Is there a specific reason for this and is there any way of getting more Sinusbots on to my own Discord Server? I know this was already mentioned in https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/licence-for-discord.4046 but it was...
  4. Satanael

    Solved Licence prevent SINUSBOT from starting, without it's working like a charm

    Hello, First i want to apologise for this thread, i'm doing something wrong for sure but i'm not enough skilled or too dumb to fin out why ! 😭 When i put the new private.dat licence in the /opt/sinusbot/ directory, the bot won't start (chown sinusbot:sinusbot chmod 644). It's a fresh install...
  5. Fabian Groß

    Two instances dont work, Please Help

    SinusbotVersion: 1.0.0-beta.1-06a54d7 TeamSpeakVersion: 3.2.5 OS: Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch) - Running as service from Debian - Start Stop Restart via service sinusbot <command> - Donor Licences added - only 4 Bots/Instances of 6 Startup - all connect to the same Server wich is on
  6. patrys98

    Solved Purchase of a license

    Hello, how do you ask for buying a sinusbot license or is it possible? How I am interested in it and how much it is and how much it costs.
  7. celso mendes

    Solved Extended License Doubt

    Has the extended license distribution been canceled or something? I am some time looking at the link where it makes the license application only that the messes are on the same page as the licenses that are distributed all the messes have already been given, I use another forum and 2 members...
  8. Evan Schleret

    Solved Licence for Discord ?

    Hi, I have a Sinusbot licence for 8 instances but I can't use one of them for Discord. Is there any possibility to upgrade the maximum numer of discord's bot too :/ ? Best regards
  9. S

    Partner & Licence

    Hello, I want ask if it is possible to get partnered or if I can get a licence for more bots.