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  1. Koby

    More than 2 discord bots

    Hello, is it possible to have more than 2 discord bots? Greetings Koby
  2. VerHext

    Solved Ressourcen description video limit to low.

    I would now change the description of the Support++ script. But I'cant it in the new forum software because the video limit is to low. (5 videos only) But i would add all video tutorials because the users love our tutorials and the description is perfectly. Please change the video limit of the...
  3. Driomodo

    Limit Exceeded

    Hey Guys. I want to ask if there is a way to become more then 2 Bots. I will explain: Ive got a Community Teamspeak Server and want to run more then 2 Musicbots there. I want 3-5 Musicbots. One Main "Musicbot" for the System so Users can request channels and the Musicbot also runs the Clock...
  4. Tuetchen

    Bug File Upload size

    Hi i use the Windows 64 Bit client of the bot which is on the same server as the teamspeak server. After Changing the UploadLimit in the .ini file (with notepad++ just adding a 0) the upload of large files crashes the website (at least on Google Chrome - Firefox tries to upload it and fails...
  5. HarpyWar

    Upload quota

    Is there way to limit size of all uploaded files (manual and youtube uploads) in bot web interface?