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  1. Kamikaze

    TS3 LookForGroup Notifications 1.0.0

    If a User Joines a "LookForGroup"-Channel like "LeagueOfLegends" All Users in Sub-Channel of "LeageOfLegends"-Channel getting a message, that someone ist looking for Players to play with.
  2. vincolus

    TS3 SyncWatch

    INTRO HOWTO FEATURES COMMANDS TASKS Again, please report bugs! Thanks!
  3. Zahzi

    EN [BETA] SinusBot Webstream

    I rewrote this webstream plugin to make it prettier, and have more functionality. Github: https://github.com/Zahzi/SinusBot-Stream Features - Stream music from your SinusBot bot bots in your browser - Webpage using Bootstrap and VideoJS - Displays album art from cached file or from youtube...