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SyncWatch 1.1.2

provides a webinterface for watching !ytdl-tracks in sync with the sinusbot instance

  1. vincolus
    Da ich nun mit der Entwicklung recht weit vorangeschritten bin, wollte ich nun mein Ergebnis mal präsentieren:

    Es ist ein Webinterface für den Sinusbot, das den Sinn hat, Youtube-Videos (die mittels !ytdl geladen wurden) gemeinsam ansehen zu können.
    Das Video wird dazu synchron mit dem Track des Sinusbot gehalten.
    Auf der Weboberfläche gibt es außerdem ein paar Controls, um den Bot zu steuern, sofern man die entsprechenden Rechte dafür vergibt.

    Kritik, Verbesserungsvorschläge oder sonstige Anmerkungen werden immer gerne gesehen! Bugs natürlich nicht, aber bringt sie mir bitte, wenn ihr welche findet :)
    Since I have progressed with the development quite far, I wanted to present my results now:

    A web interface for the Sinusbot, which enables you to watch the currently playing title (has to be loaded per !ytdl) synchronized to the bot in a youtube window.

    You can control the bot instance via some basic buttons implemented in the UI.

    Criticism, suggestions for improvement or other comments are always welcome! Bugs of course not, but bring me please if you find some :)

    Basic Usage
    Install the script like any other.
    Write !sw to the ts3-bot via teamspeak private message and you will get back an authenticated Link to the web interface.
    If you specify admin credentials or a user with full permissions, you have to be careful, since advanced users could read out the token and control your bot with it or worse.
    So you best create a user with limited permissions specifically for this purpose.
    You basically only need to give [LOGIN] permission for the script to work.
    If you want to control the bot via UI you also have to allow [PLAYBACK].

    If no token is given and you try to login to the webinterface, then the script assumes that you have already logged in to the Sinusbot in advance and the token is in your browser storage. You will receive an error if not so.

    Public URL (re-)routing (optional)
    If you provided a custom url via config, you will most probably need rewrite parameters. I can provide mine for apache at least:

    ProxyPass /api http://localhost:8087/api
    ProxyPassReverse /api http://localhost:8087/api

    ProxyPass / http://localhost:8087/scripts/syncwatch/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8087/scripts/syncwatch/

    • !sw: returns a link to SyncWatch in private chat
    • !swc : posts the link in channel chat
    • !swr : reloads all scripts

    - add some visitor interaction (websockets)
    - implement web-streaming
    - add instance respawn buttons

    - testing on most modern devices
    - improvement of the syncing logic

    - moved controls to sidebar
    - added overlay when in sync mode
    - minified most parts for performance
    - fix sync when running in background (to prevent lagging)
    - improve prev play stop track control
    - fix ui bugs when using controls too much
    - add instance selection
    - finish login
    - implemented en-/disabling of some sections in certain contexts
    - implemented authorization via web interface
    - added dropdown for better track selection
    - added an input field for playing already loaded tracks on submit
    - added play, stop, prev buttons for controlling the sinusbot instance
    - added currently running track info
    - implemented url routing for authorization via teamspeak-link
    - implemented synchronization from sinusbot (server) to youtube-player (client) for !ytdl-title
    - embedded youtube player
    - added seconds parameter
    - added configuration parameters for username and password to be used by the script
    - created sinusbot script for generating link to the youtube title running

    Again, please feel free to report bugs! Thanks!



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Recent Reviews

  1. Dinip
    Version: 0.97
    very good addon! :) great job
    but i'm getting Sorry, but SyncWatch has insufficient permission to do this. and i give playback and login perm on bot
    1. vincolus
      Author's Response
      that's strange. do you authenticate via teamspeak? can you post more details? thanks
  2. RacerXD
    Version: 0.92
    Cooles Script! Wenn auch Videos von Liedern, die über das Youtube Webinterface mit "Play Now" / "Enqueue", oder youtube Playlists, gestartet wurden, abgespielt werden können gibt es 5 Sterne :)
    1. vincolus
      Author's Response
      Danke! Derzeit arbeite ich an den media controls (previous track, play/pause, stop); aber ich lasse dich wissen, wenn es soweit ist ;)
  3. der_eismann
    Version: 0.92
    Cooles Plugin. Dokumentation könnte etwas ausführlicher sein, aber wenn es einmal läuft, dann läufts :)
    1. vincolus
      Author's Response
      Danke für die Info. Woran genau hat es denn gehapert?
  4. Zalati
    Version: 0.92
    Really good script, if you add the the possibility to do this with the play function of youtube-dl like it is used in "Youtube Interface" and for playlists I will give you 5 stars !
    1. vincolus
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing! I will think about adding this feature.
  5. sestry
    Version: 0.7
    Gute Idee und umgesetzt.
    1. vincolus
      Author's Response
      Danke, freut mich das zu hören!