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  1. xDefcon

    TS3 AntiProxy [Block Proxies/VPNs] Say goodbye to ban evading 2.6

    Please read this presentation page carefully to understand the capabilities of this resource. BUGS & FEATURE SUGGESTIONS? DO THEM ON THE GITHUB REPOSITORY (Create new issue). Script Description: AntiProxy (or Anti Proxy) is an advanced SinusBot script that detects and blocks a user that is...
  2. clack

    sinusbot over proxy

    Hello guys. How Ican Connect my sinusbot to a teamspeak server over proxy . For example : my bot connect to an pptp tunnel and connect to teamspeak server .
  3. tronyx

    EN [Request] Youtube Proxy

    Hello everyone! GEMA block most youtube videos and its not possible to play youtube musics but with proxy its possible. This should work: /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl --proxy "http://USER:PASSWORD@PROXY-IP/" "http://youtube.com/video_bla_bla" I hope somebody can make plugin for example !ytproxy...
  4. Rodey

    Youtube Proxy

    There already was a post about this but I can't comment to it unfortunately... I tried to create a wrapper script, but I'm kind of a Linux noobie in a way so I'm not sure entirely. I get a "fork/exec /opt/ts3bot/yt-dl-wrapper.sh: exec format error youtube-dl not found". When I use the file...