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  1. Krzyzak

    EN [Request] Add a servergroup only if a user is already in a admin group

    Hello, request A plugin that will only allow the user to add a servergroup if it has an admin servergroup e.g. I can add a servergroup to a user with servergroupID 20, but i cannot add the servergroup to a user with no servergroups.
  2. M

    TS3 [EOL] GroBot - the group dependencies handler 0.2

    [End Of Life] GroBot, aka. the servergroup dependencies handler (v0.2) (based on @Kumare's idea) Features: == Group pools == add or remove a list of servergroups when a member is in a group of a pool remove the list of groups if the user isn't in the pool anymore (per-pool setting)...
  3. F

    TS3 ServerGroup Assignment Notifier 1.0

    Plays an audio track when a servergroup is assigned. Multiple servergroups may be tracked Does not pause/resume music (may be added in future release) May or may not work on discord (untested)
  4. Everlike

    Servergroup Limiter 0.2

    This script simply restricts the amount of clients that can have a specific servergroup assigned. Requested by @Sofaeinhorn22 must-have-permissions "i_client_private_textmessage_power" add/remove clients from servergroups Features & Commands count -> The actual number of clients with the...
  5. Everlike

    TS3 Servergroup Switcher 0.6

    Description This script simply removes/adds servergroup(s) if a servergroup has been assigned. requested by D33Z3R must-have-permissions "i_group_member_remove_power" "i_group_needed_member_add_power" Note: Here is what you can change via Sinusbot Webinterface ------------------- HUGE...