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support script

  1. T

    Support++ Error

    2019-07-06T20:48:12+02:00 error on setInterval callback: Uncaught exception: Error: Panic during callback "getKeys": invalid isolate at Support:2657:14 store.getKeys().forEach(function (key) { ^ Stack trace: Error: Panic during callback "getKeys": invalid isolate at Support:2657:15
  2. A

    TS3 AZM Support Bot 1.2

    Hi everyone recently I wrote this little script to help support some friends' servers it works a bit like a switchboard simply when a user enters a certain channel the bot sends him a message with scanned support possibilities so that the user can choose what kind of support he needs and so...
  3. creator_2013

    EN Requested Talkpower event / value ?

    Hello there, I'm currently developing a plugin for a TS3 server on which I'm moderator. We have a "wait for support" channel which requires you to request talkpower with the reason for support before you can get supported. Since many user don't do this (either they don't look into the channel...