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EN Requested Talkpower event / value ?

Hello there,

I'm currently developing a plugin for a TS3 server on which I'm moderator. We have a "wait for support" channel which requires you to request talkpower with the reason for support before you can get supported. Since many user don't do this (either they don't look into the channel description or the support rules in the forum) I want to code a script which pokes and reminds have to request talkpower (when certain time has passed).
I already have 90% of the code but I can't find an event or a value on the client object which tells me that the client requested talkpower (because I don't want to poke clients who already requested talkpower).
My question is: is there any way to check if the client has requested talkpower?


Well-Known Member
I am sorry to say it, but I couldn't find it either :/ I think it doesn't exist (yet).

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