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text to speech

  1. CPB

    Turning off "text to speech" functions for given server groups or accounts in a sinusbot.

    As in the subject, is it possible? Help :( !
  2. crazyian1000

    Solved Trying to get DECtalk TTS to work?

    Was wondering if anyone could help me in getting this TTS to work with sinusbot: http://www.speechfxinc.com/dectalk.html This is from the game moonbase alpha so thought it would be a funny addition to the server. Couldn't find a URL and don't know what the Locale would even be. Thanks again!
  3. O

    Text to Speech - function

    Hey everyone! How can I use the "!say <text>" command? Because when I text the Musicbot in Teamspeak with my message (for example "!say hello") it doesnt say anything. How can I use the function then or how can i fix it?
  4. Ismaele

    Text to speech - plugin

    Hi everybody, How can i config a tts plugin on Sinusbot? i've tried with tts-url and Locale, but not work. thanks in advance Ismaele P.S. sorry for my strange english, but i'm an italian user ^^
  5. Lala Sabathil

    Did you know? Best Functionaly TTS Api

    The best APi for the Bot is '] On http://ispeech.org/api you can see diferent voices, you can choose. The speed -2 is optimal.
  6. S

    Feature Text to Speech

    Hello sinusbot forum i wanted to ask or request if it was possible to not use a online text to speech version use your own text to speech on the local machine i know that streamtip uses Windows native local text to speech API can we also use for sinusbot on Linux? or at least on the windows...
  7. HellBz

    Text to Speech API's for SinusBot

    Jeder kennt es glaube ich mittlerweile bei dem Bot, doch leider Funktionieren irgendwie nicht alle wirklich.. :D Die Google TTS-API (Multi): http://translate.google.com/translate_tts?tl=__LOCALE&q=__TEXT&ie=UTF-8&total=1&idx=0&client=t und dahinter: de :D Ich habe aber auch noch eine andere...