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  1. CubE135

    1.0 TrackHistory 1.1

    TrackHistory A Sinusbot Script that keeps a history of all played tracks displayed in a beautiful Webinterface. Installation (English) Download the latest version here: Download Unarchive the .zip or .tar.gz and put the contents into the Sinusbot "scripts"-Folder (the trackhistory.js and the...
  2. Zalati

    Set track info as description

    Is there a way to change Now playing into another language without having to go through another script?
  3. TS3index.com

    WelcomeSound 2.1

    EN: This script will let the bot greet everyone with a track and resume the last track or stream. The script require not the track uuid. You can search and select the track. This script requires Sinusbot v0.9.15 or later! DE: Mit diesem Script können Sie ein Track als Begrüßung abspielen, wenn...
  4. omano

    EN Problem with track

    I'm writing a script to ba able to set a command that will play set track. Here is where I am: /* */ registerPlugin({ name: 'Commandes custom track', version: '0', description: 'Script supposed to assign a comand/string msg to a track', author: 'omano', vars: {...