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  1. nicatrip

    Sinusbot Azerbaijan Translations

    🤔How to install ? 1) /opt/sinusbotname/data/locales - import 2) go to sinusbot panel 3) Settings 4) Peronel Settings 5) Language - Azeri 6) and it finished - Download: click to By: 4OFF[ADMIN: Rip]
  2. Edwikeh


    HOW TO INSTALL ENGLISH: Paste the hu.json file into your data/locales folder. Open up the webinterface of the bot and navigate to your Personal Settings. Choose "Hungarian" as your language. HOGYAN TELEPÍTSD MAGYARUL: Másold ki a hu.json fájlt a saját daza/locales mappádba. Nyisd meg a...
  3. Yosshi

    [JP] 日本語化翻訳ファイル | Japanese Full translation file 0.9.12-58b509d(json only)

    日本語バージョン English Version
  4. Dave

    {FR} Traduction de Sinusbot complète // Full translation of Sinusbot 2015-11-22

    Version FR : EN Version : Thank you guys for this awesome bot !
  5. Leon@rdo

    SinusBot Language Polish 2.0

    Installation (ENG) Installation (PL)
  6. UnwishingMoon

    Outdated Italian Localization 0.9.16 (10f0fad)

    SinusBot Italian Language File Alternative: https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/sinusbot-italian-language-full-new.458/ [moderator edit] Installation (ENG) Installazione (IT)
  7. Xaron

    [HELP]Changing the command language (change in Turkish)

    Where is the directory where the script? I installed on Windows Server 2008 r2 rope: Thank you help