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Italian Localization

Outdated Italian Localization 0.9.16 (10f0fad)

No permission to download
SinusBot Italian Language File

Alternative: https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/sinusbot-italian-language-full-new.458/ [moderator edit]

Installation (ENG)
  • Paste the italian.json file into your data/locales folder.
  • Open up the webinterface of the bot and navigate to your Personal Settings.
  • Choose "Italian" as your language.
  • Enjoy new Language !!

Installazione (IT)
  • Copia il file italian.json dentro la cartella data/locales.
  • Apri l'interfaccia web, naviga fino alle Impostazioni Personali.
  • Scegli "Italian" come lingua.
  • Divertiti con la Traduzione !!
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  1. Updated for Beta 0.9.16 (10f0fad)

    Updated for Beta 0.9.16 (10f0fad)
  2. Updated for Beta 0.9.11 (ee30ef7)

    Added "The Bot has been banned" translation (Il Bot è stato Bannato dal Server.)
  3. Updated for Beta 0.9.9 (8f70ff3)

    Updated for Beta 0.9.9 (8f70ff3)

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ciao comunque non trovo la cartella locales ho il bot su vps linux
Buono, manca qualche accorgimanto
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  • Version: 0.9.9 (f25ac00) UTF-8