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  1. crazyian1000

    Solved Trying to get DECtalk TTS to work?

    Was wondering if anyone could help me in getting this TTS to work with sinusbot: http://www.speechfxinc.com/dectalk.html This is from the game moonbase alpha so thought it would be a funny addition to the server. Couldn't find a URL and don't know what the Locale would even be. Thanks again!
  2. MondoPIX

    tts - url not work

    I tried all tts , but no one did not work
  3. João Pedro Marques Basso

    Functional TTS URL?

    Can someone give me a functional TTS URL and the location to use? I'm trying a lot of links but any works. If possible I need a Portuguese (BR or PT) TTS. Thank you very much in advance!