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  • A first preview of the unlimited version of SinusBot can be found in the Upcoming Changes thread. A version for Windows will follow, but we don't have a release date, yet.


  1. ReZnacHR

    [TUTORIAL] How to install SINUSBOT on VPS

    CRO / SRB / BIH / SLO / Pozdrav svima, ovo je kratak tutorial kako da isntalirate SINUSBOT na vaš VPS Potrebno je skinuti SINUSBOT i TEAMSPEAK 3 sa officijalne stranice! Nemojte pokretati instalaciju SINUSBOTA dok ne instalirate TEAMSPEAK client ! 1.Prezzmite teamspeak client na vaš vps te...
  2. Alfredo Lima Verde

    Tutorial Console for Windows

    Hello ;) FOR WINDOWS - Windows Server 2012+ Windows + R "cmd" cd .. cd .. cd SinusBot sinusbot FINISH! Is Good!!
  3. VerHext

    Solved Ressourcen description video limit to low.

    I would now change the description of the Support++ script. But I'cant it in the new forum software because the video limit is to low. (5 videos only) But i would add all video tutorials because the users love our tutorials and the description is perfectly. Please change the video limit of the...
  4. SpinningPlays


    Hello, i need some help with the bot. I didn't found a good tutorial so i hope you can give me a tutorial. With Best Regards
  5. TGTGamer

    Tutorial EASY | Virtual Box - Linux Sinusbot - Multi OS Guide

    Sorry this took so long, been ill and very busy. This is going to be a simple guide on how to create a virtualBox version of sinusbot linux for your teamspeak on ANY OS. I will be using a windows 10 64bit Laptop in the images, so your OS may be slightly different. I was also using Ubuntu Server...
  6. TGTGamer

    Tutorial MEDIUM | Access to the bot interface | Port Forwarding & Changing ports to allow access to the UI

    ### English ### Hey guys, as promised, in this tutorial I'm going to briefly explain how to port forward your bot to allow other users to access it's UI. I will also teach you how to change your port, if you already use it for something else, or want something easier to remember. Please note...