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[Bug Report] Client type function is giving wrong result


is awesome!
is uber awesome!
SinusBot version: 1.0.0-alpha.5-9767656
TS-Client: 3.2.3
TS-Server: 3.6.1

Documentation says that 0 = Query and 1 = Normal.
However, if checking a normal user, it gives back 0. I wasn't able to check if it returns a 1 when a query is checked
since the sinusbot is not subscribing to the queries and therefor not seeing them. I could mange to do that if the
query writes a message to the sinusbot which triggers an event but I have no query which could handle that.
So either there is a mistake in the documentation and the numbers have to be swapped or the function is broken.
That depends on the return value of the function when an actual query is checked. Would need somebody to test.


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