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Command skip music with youtube playlist


Hello, can anyone help me?
I have the SinusBot version 0.12.0-9057353 installed with client 3.1.8 [Stable] in linux.
When using the "!Next" command to advance songs in a playlist imported by the youtube link, the bot always ends up jumping the next song in that playlist and plays the sequence.

Example: Playing back the music in order 1, while using !Next he will skip to 2 and start playing the 3 songs in this playlist.

Strange that this only happens with playlist imported from youtube, the ones that were uploaded (local) reproduce in order correctly.

This happens also by the panel sinusbot, when clicking the playback for NEXT

Sorry for the English, I hope you understand my question.


I have had issues similar to this as well. You may want to try installing the latest version - 0.13.37-f7e9ece. I have not had a chance yet to test it. Make sure you update the TS client as well.

This might give you something to do before someone gives you a better answer ;)


I appreciate your help. But I already tested the latest version 0.13.37-f7e9ece and the problem remains, only with playlist added by youtube link the bot ends up jumping the next song and plays the next when I use the "!next~"

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