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could not contact update server !


New Member
Hello ,
i using sinusbot on Windows Server.
i use it for 1 years !! now i see its error when open it.
who can help for this problem.
MY ip VPS :
Version TS Client 3.2.5

Thanks ,


Well-Known Member
is awesome!
Did both of you run more than two bots at the same time on your TeamSpeak-Server by chance?
I have the same problem.
I tried to start it like in the normal tutorial but it didn't happen. I got this message directly.
I bought my server only a few days ago. It would be nice if there would be a solution for it
I would be pleased about a positive feedback


Well-Known Member
is awesome!
The "could not contact update server" error most likely results from your IP getting blacklisted. This can have multiple reasons:
  • You have been running multiple Sinusbot processes on your server (to run more than 2 instances of the bot)
  • You are sharing your IP with someone else, who is doing the above.
  • Someone already did that with the IP your currently having.
  • ...

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