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could not decode downloader output: json: cannot unmarshal number 127.37 into Go struct field YTDLFormat.abr of type int



Is there a patch yt-dlp.exe for Windows version or is there a Sinusbot fix to resolve this issue ?

Thank you in advance


just forked yt-dlp and made it work for sinusbot windows 1.0.0-beta13
You can check out here

Hello all,

I forked yt-dlp current release which contains the fix for this recent youtube change:

I merged qwe04687 changes to work with sinusbot windows 1.0.0-beta13 (Thank you qwe04687!) and I did some more changes since it was not working on the updated version...

I tested it and everything seems to be working fine, at least for the youtube extractor!

You can find the release here:

Or you can see the changes here and compile it on your own:

I'll try to keep this fork version updated when new breaking changes appear.


I guess it's not working anymore. Can you tell me what the changes are that you make to the exe?

I'm currently getting "could not play file"


I found the issue myself and fixed it. There is on line 3859 in /yt_dlp/extractor/ with

'tbr': tbr,

You need to cast it to int:

'tbr': int(tbr),

Then build the .exe yourself after changing the code with these instructions:

Works well with Sinusbot on Windows.
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