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Download failed for https/www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-fyXPvHJjA; exit status 1


Hi, i Need a help. Yesterday My sinusbot was working but in this morning when i try to put music on the teamspeak keeps saying failed. Can you guys help me to fix it?rs.png


is awesome!
1. Thing, it can be the wrong format. Try to use a different Video.
2. Thing, your Youtube-DL isnt updated
3. Thing, your Youtube-DL is broken

btw. its not a Sinusbot-Problem.

Try this: (edited by irgendwr)
Update youtube-dl as described in the wiki: https://wiki.sinusbot.com/en:guides:features:youtube-dl#linux
# if installed like explained in the wiki:
/opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U
# or this (depends on how/where it was installed):
youtube-dl -U
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is awesome!
Had same issue, update the YT-DL using youtube-dl -U and then restart the whole administration
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