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Error with Ubuntu Install Script

Starting the installer now!
Updating the system in a few seconds!
This could take a while. Please wait up to 10 minutes!
Installing necessary packages. Please wait...
Packages installed!
Failed to start chronyd.service: Unit chronyd.service not found.
Error on line 665. Report this to the author at https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/sinusbot-installer-script.1200/ only. Not a PN or a bad review, cause this is an error of your system not of the installer script.
Command which failed was: " systemctl start chronyd". Please try to execute it manually and attach the output to the bug report in the forum thread.

This is what I recieve when I try to install Sinusbot on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop. I tried googling the issue but no one else seems to have the same issue...


is awesome!
Try these commands

apt-get install x11vnc xvfb libxcursor1 ca-certificates bzip2 libnss3 libegl1-mesa x11-xkb-utils libasound2 -y


apt-get install libglib2.0-0

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