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Function deleteUserReaction(emoji, user, callback); not working/existing in Sinusbot 1.0.1


Dear Sinusbot-Users,
today i came across this issue which seems to be a problem related to the function deleteUserReaction(emoji, user, callback); not being working/existing in Sinusbot 1.0.1. The Instance Log always tells me:
2023-01-09T14:50:40+01:00 error on callback func: Uncaught exception: TypeError: message.deleteUserReaction is not a function

My first thought was a syntax error or something on my side, but when i use all other functions like message.deleteAllReactions(); it works. Every functions works, but not this one. I am aware that the Docs say "Since: 1.0.0-beta.2", but 1.0.1 is above and should be supported (https://sinusbot.github.io/scripting-docs/#discordmessagedeleteuserreaction).

Thanks in advance and kind regards,