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Solved How can I resolve this error that appears on the bot?

2018-10-09T17:53:39+01:00 Storing configuration.
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 TSClient quit. LogLevel has been increased, please try to connect again to see more details.
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 Closed.
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 TS>TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/ts3client_linux_amd64: error while loading shared libraries: libasound.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 Starting instance ts3server://ts.d4bgaming.com?port=9987&nickname=SinusBot&password=&channel=&channelpassword=
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 About to run.
2018-10-09T17:53:34+01:00 Prespawn.
2018-10-09T17:50:39+01:00 Storing configuration.

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