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How to localize SinusBot?


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Note: this will only work with version 0.9.9-f6ef32d+.

If you want to use SinusBot in your language and there is no translation available yet, you can create one on your own.

Just follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you have a folder called data/locales within in your SinusBot directory
  2. Create a new file called ru.json (if for example you want to create a russian translation) with the following contents:
    {"__name": "Russian", "__code": "ru-RU"}
  3. Open up the webinterface of the bot and navigate to your personal settings
  4. Choose Russian as your language
  5. Then click on "edit" behind the language selection
  6. Fill all the textboxes next to the phrases you would like to translate
  7. Hit "Export" at the bottom of the page
  8. Copy the contents of the export box to your ru.json
  9. Done.
The translation interface will highlight untranslated content in yellow and phrases that have not been saved yet in violet.

The interface will be improved in the next versions (e.g. integrating categories for easier understanding of context). Also, please note that this is an experimental feature - so please save your translations often to not lose anything.

If you want to share your translation, feel free to upload the file to the Resources section of the board. There's a special category for translations. I'm sure people will thank you for your efforts! :)

I'll be giving out extended licenses and access to pre-releases to everyone who contributes a lot or even maintains a translation.


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@HarpyWar Thanks for trying to make it simpler for people, but that way there are no credits given to the individual translators.
Please ask the authors if you can take their work and give them appropriate credit if they allow it.


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I've just sent a conversation for each author and add them into the repository's readme.
The repo is created to let other people make changes easier and see changes that were made in previous versions. It also may be useful in some installation scripts to download all translation files.
For instance I've already corrected several mistakes in Russian translation.