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Solved How to reset web password

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I forgot my sign in info to my bot to get on to the site.I have found out there is a password command arg but i dont know how to use it. ./sinusbot -pwreset=foobar Any help will be great cause i dont weant to loose all of my music on the bot. I am on ver 0.9.8


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1. Stop your Sinusbot
2. Download and install a sql browser (http://sqlitebrowser.org)
3. Open a file called similar to 2048b8dc-1cda-44c4-b4bd-3c81a87dc868.sqlite in C:\SinusBot\data\db with this Program
4. Navigate to Browse Data
5. Select the table users
6. doubleclick on salt and change the value to 53f5b1d0ddbb8768e7dea63767b15368
7. doubleclick on password and change the value to 25152056a859348f48c5a2a339109050be3131e669f26cd4a7dc1e7e27f06430
save the file close the sql browser
9. Start the bot again and login with the password foobar
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this commad not work "./sinusbot -pwreset=foobar"

flag provided but not defined: -pwreset
Usage of ./sinusbot:
delay startup
displays the current config
generate new auth-token
prepare for first run only
-override-password string
sinusbot@vps:/opt/ts3soundboard$ ./sinusbot -pwreset=foobar

I have the version:
SinusBot Beta 0.9.21
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