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EN How to use http request


is awesome!
for quite a while now, Iam looking forward to manage or at least show “databases” (stored arrays of objects) in a webinterface so it’s easier for me to see some data more clear.
Unfortunately nobody could really explain me how to do so and I also couldn’t figure it out by myself.

Example of what I want to do:
I have a simple HTML-file and a simple sinusbot-script.
The Sinusbot script doesn’t do anything, just contains the var pet = ‘cat’;
Now, all I want is to somehow send this var “pet” to my html file and show it with document.print(pet);

It would also be great to know how I can send vars back to the script.
So I want to change the var pet = ‘cat’ to “var pet = ‘sweet cat’ in my html file and send it right back to my sinusbot-script and print in into the log with engine.log(pet) for example.

If someone has the time to explain this to me, I would be excessively happy!

Greetings Everlike

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