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Hi i'am prety new to javascript and the Sinusbot scripts.
So im tinkering around with some coustom scrips for my Sinusbot, wich is working out pretty well.
My Problem is, i have an event which gets triggert when the bot gets poked, and i want to know the id of the channel the client is in.
It woud be nice if anybody coud help me out with this Problem, because i coudnt find any soulution jet.


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is awesome!
event.on('poke', function (ev){
    engine.log('The ID of the channel the client is in who poked me is: ' + ev.client.getAudioChannel().id())
This should print the Channel ID in the instance log, everytime the bot gets poked
thx its woking grate, but now i have an other problem :(
I use backend.getCurrentChannel().id(); to get the ID off the Channel the bot is in. This is working, but only for the first two times i poke the bot. So when i poke the bot the third time the channel id is still the id off the second time poking. In clear words i poke the bot and he joins my channel, i poke him again he goes back to the default channel, i poke him again and nothing happens. And i also tried backend.getBotClient()getAudioChannel()id(); , but i had the same Problem.
My Code is:
    var defaultChannel = '48';
    var currentID;
    var clientID;

    event.on('poke', function (ev) {
        clientID = ev.client.getAudioChannel().id();
        currentID = backend.getCurrentChannel().id();
        if(currentID == defaultChannel){
            engine.log('Coming  [Client/Bot]' + clientID +'/'+ currentID);
            if(currentID == clientID){
            engine.log('Going  [Client/Bot]'+ clientID +'/'+ currentID);
2017-11-25T18:44:22+01:00 Could not move: (42 => 48) already member of channel
2017-11-25T18:44:22+01:00 come :53 Going [Client/Bot]231/231
2017-11-25T18:44:22+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Ignored poke by Fugri:
2017-11-25T18:44:20+01:00 come :53 Going [Client/Bot]231/231
2017-11-25T18:44:20+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Ignored poke by Fugri:
2017-11-25T18:44:18+01:00 come :48 Comming [Client/Bot]231/48
2017-11-25T18:44:18+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Ignored poke by Fugri:
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