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Inconsistency between youtube-dl and sinusbot (error: invalid format)


  • SinusBot version: 1.0.0-beta.14-dc94a7c
  • TS Client and Server version: 3.5.6 linux (c) and 3.13.2 linux (s)
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, linux 4.15.0-154-generic
  • config.ini related to youtube-dl: I have changed these values multiple times through testing and they don't seem to be related to the problem
  • both ffmpeg and youtube-dl are up-to-date

The bot seems to randomly fail to import/play certain youtube videos. There seem to be no correlation to the channel of provenance, the size of the file or the available formats. Manually downloading these files through youtube-dl directly from the machine the bot is running on works without issues, so it seem to be a sinusbot related problem. I already went through the troubleshooting steps proposed in the documentation. The only correlation seem to be that the "download (multy)" files seem to work without any issues, while all the non working files are listed as "download (single)". Also the bot seem to stay in "preparing..." for roughly the same time it takes youtube-dl to download the audio when used directly from the machine, so the files are actually being downloaded, but then are nowhere to be found (even when using !ytdl).


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I also have observed this behavior, especially with Bandcamp URLs. Bandcamp playlists completely fail with SinusBot, while individual tracks rarely complete.